Dream Caravan

The information below is about our fabulous event of 2017.  SAVE THE DATE for our next Dream Caravan, March 11, 2018!

Video and audio of Rev Deborah L. Johnson’s keynote at the Dream Caravan, Feb 5, 2017

From the roots of dreaming in ancient communities to recognizing the voice of God in our own lives, Rev Deb was a model of embodying the living dream.


The Dream Caravan: A Festival of All Things Dream…

February 5, 2-8pm, 5630 Soquel Dr. Soquel

Did you know that as you sleep, millions of neurons are scrambling to make your life more rich and fulfilling?

Scientific evidence indicates that all humans dream every night. Whether or not we remember those dreams, research shows that dreaming helps us wake more calm and centered than when we went to sleep. And very little of the brain activity during the night involves the decision-making pre-frontal cortex that is dominant when we are awake. Instead, the areas that light up during dreams are the more primitive, emotional parts of the brain like the amygdala and the hippocampus.

Just as making conscious the unconscious process of breathing can enhance its healing effects (witness yoga and meditation), so too, bringing our dreams into consciousness can enhance our sense of wellbeing. Working with dreams can unravel habitual reactions, resolve relationship issues, and bring a sense of purpose into our lives.

So how do we begin?

Join the Dream Caravan on Sunday, February 5th from 2-8PM at the Inner Light Center in Soquel for a Festival of All Things Dream.

This year we highlight Experiential Dreamwork which explores dreams in a heart/body-centered way—viewing them as experiences to be felt, not puzzles to be solved.

Keynote Speaker

Inner Light’s Founding Minister, Reverend Deborah L. Johnson—renowned activist for social justice—will speak of the importance of bringing our dreams into the world at this pivotal time in history. “Awakening the Force Within”.

Panel Discussion

When Sleeping Dreams Transform Waking Life: An Introduction to Experiential Dreamwork.

Interactive Workshops Led by Skilled Dream Practitioners

Sue Scavo and Bill St. Cyr—From Vermont, this husband and wife team are founders of the international Students of the Dream movement. “Dreaming as an Act of Love and Defiance”.

Katherine Bell—Local Experiential Dreamwork practitioner, dream group facilitator and host of the third annual Santa Cruz Dreamwork Intensive. “Dreams, the Sacred Encounter: Connecting to your Inner Guides” .

Kathleen Sullivan—A founding member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), author, radio host, dream coach and dream group facilitator from Pacific Grove. “Three Dreams that Changed My Life”.

Linda Mastrangelo—San Jose / Santa Cruz psychotherapist, researcher, contributing writer to an array of dream publications, alchemical artist and creator of Dream Alchemy Talismans. “Portals in Lucid Dreams”.

Eva Rider— MFT practicing in Santa Cruz since 1997 using the principles of Archetypal and Jungian Depth psychology. A graduate of the Marion Woodman BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training, Eva will lead us in a movement exercise called The Dance of Three.

Dr. Darren Jakubec and Dr. Jennifer Choate –Medical doctors on dream journeys of their own as well as with clients. “Dreams and Healing: The Medical Perspective”.

Bring a Dream!

Included in the price of admission is a private 30-minute consultation with an experienced dream practitioner.


Engage with your dreams through Dream Art opportunities and guided ways to embody your deepest self through movement.


Also available are refreshments and organic food by the Open Hearth, chair massage, dream goods and gifts including dream catchers, journals, dream enhancing herbs, potions, and essential oils as well as dreamy clothing and jewelry.

Dive deep!

If you are passionate about dreaming, give yourself the gift of exploring your dreams in a loving intimate container in our third annual three day Dreamwork Intensive February 2-4. Only a few spaces left! See our web page for details.

What is a Dream Caravan?

Kezia Kamenetz , founder of the Dream Caravan concept, has this to say about the purpose of the event:

“The Dream Caravan is meant to uplift and enliven dreaming and dreamwork of all kinds, especially dreamwork that is focused on the transformative, healing, and inspiring aspects of dreams. The dreams we have at night, the dreams we have for our personal futures and the future of our communities, and the expressions of our imaginations are all aspects of the dream that the Dream Caravan wants to uplift, explore, and support in any way possible.”

Join us!

Hitch your camel to the Dream Caravan on the journey to self-knowledge and transformation. Tickets, available at www.krbelldreamworker.com/caravan, are $35 or $25 with a student id. Why watch the Super Bowl when you could begin the journey to your soul?

We are offering scholarships for people looking to help this event run smoothly.   Contact me if you are interested.



The Dream Caravan concept:

The Santa Cruz Dream Caravan is sister event to a Dream Caravan that happened in New Orleans November 8, 2015.  These events are part of a larger movement to bring dreams into public awareness as tools for transformation on both personal and societal levels.