Here are links to the web pages of some of my favorite dream practitioners.

Sue Scavo and Bill St. Cyr are my mentors and colleagues who offer many great on-line experiential classes at both beginner and practitioner levels.  They will be coming to Santa Cruz again this year to teach at the third annual Winter’s Dreamwork Intensive.  Check out the following video about the kind of Dreamwork that we do:  Meanings of Dreams – Understand the Deeper Meanings of Your Dreams

Madrone D’Ardenne is a Santa Cruz colleague.  In addition to leading local Dream Circles, she is a community catalyst with her SoulCollage classes, monthly Dinner Circles, and more.

Kezia Kamenetz originated the Dream Caravan concept with her pioneering events in and around New Orleans.  Check out her latest upcoming Caravan event here.  She also has a thriving Dreamwork practice and leads classes and community gatherings.

Rodger Kamenetz (Kezia’s father) is the author of the fabulous book “The History of Last Night’s Dream: Discovering the Hidden Path to the Soul“.  This book is a delightful and thought provoking exploration of his own dream journey.  Highly recommended if you are curious about this work! Rodger is a Jewish scholar and has an active Dreamwork practice in New Orleans.

Laura Smith is a Vermont Dreamwork colleague who specializes in combining Dreamwork with 12 step work and also works with LGBT issues.

Jackie Cruickshanks is also a Vermont colleague who specializes in hospice work and end-of-life issues.