Private Sessions

What would a private session with Katherine look like?  More importantly, what would it feel like?

Life can be hectic or boring, frustrating or exciting.  Sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck in a rut.  Maybe you’ve been worried or frustrated.  Maybe your relationships or your career seem to be going nowhere.  Maybe you feel a sense of spiritual longing; what is this life really all about?  You have these haunting dreams sometimes; maybe you can barely remember them, but you sense some truth there.  The dreams look a bit like your life, but crazy, with bits of the past and random people or even animals wandering through.

Don’t people get guidance from dreams?  Hasn’t working with dreams been a human tradition since before recorded history began?  Can working with your dreams really help you?  So you click on the link, or pick up the phone, and make an appointment with Katherine…

You are busy in your day to day life: working, worrying, rushing here and there.  But at last it is time.  You walk into my office, or you call me on Skype.  Time to sit down, take a breath.  Time open up the dream door.

At the start of the session, I will ask you for a check in; what’s new in your life, how have you been feeling lately, what’s up for you in this moment?  These questions are designed to bring you back into your body, to still the busy mind and focus in on your feelings.

Then it’s time to turn to the dreams.  We’ll read them together and I’ll ask you to stop in certain places, to feel into something you might have skipped over or to deepen a precious moment.  I’ll draw your attention to characters in your dream who seem insignificant or even harmful and invite you to see how they might be trying to help you.  Likewise seemingly benign characters may in truth be harmful if they keep you locked in judgment or shame.

These characters and our relationships to them shed light on our patterns in waking life, patterns we may not even be aware of.  By becoming aware of these habits and feeling into the hurt that led us to form them, they start to melt away.

This process is very tender and often involves exploring childhood issues as well as current on-going patterns with waking life relationships.  Near the end of the session we identify a part of a dream that contains a feeling/image to carry with you to ponder between sessions.  Working with a practice this way sets up a dialogue with your dreams.

Soon you find yourself curious to wake each morning, wondering what gift the dream has given you today.  The things you learn about yourself are not always pleasant, but awareness brings relief and a loosening of the patterns you have been stuck in.  There is more space for joy in your life: for laughter and for tears.  You are able to be more fully your own unique self.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and can be done in person at my Seabright office in Santa Cruz, by Skype or on the phone.

If this is a path that you are curious about, let’s schedule your FREE 30 minute Dream Consultation!  Bring a dream and together we will begin to explore what your dreams can do for you…