The Dream Caravan Concept

Here is what, Kezia Kamenetz, the founder of the Dream Caravan concept has to say about the purpose of these events:

“The Dream Caravan is meant to uplift and enliven dreaming and dreamwork of all kinds, especially dreamwork that is focused on the transformative, healing, and inspiring aspects of dreams. The dreams we have at night, the dreams we have for our personal futures and the future of our communities, and the expressions of our imaginations are all aspects of the dream that the Dream Caravan wants to uplift, explore, and support in any way possible.

“Values of the Dream Caravan:
>Creation of a diverse and inclusive environment that is supportive of anyone who feels called to explore their dreams which specifically includes groups that are traditionally marginalized,
>Belief in the possibility for inner healing to catalyze external transformation and the creation of spaces where that can begin to flourish,
>Priority on the accessibility of Dream Caravan events, finding creative ways to support the work while still making it available to as many people as possible.”