Katherine R. Bell

Dreams come every night to lead us to wholeness.  Instead of using words, dreams speak in images and feelings.  We can get lost when we try to analyze dreams with our heads when what they speak to is our hearts.

Dreams want to be felt not analyzed.  They come to us as experiences in the night; experiences that are ready to be felt.

I will work with you to feel into the core of each dream moment to uncover your blocks and your invitations to deeper love.  In one-on-one work or in a group setting, you will be held in a sacred container.

Are you ready for some changes?  The door is open for you every night.

Contact me for a free 30 minute dream consultation!

Are you curious about this work?  Do you have a rich inner life?  Is there a particular dream that you’re wondering about?  Let’s talk!

Consultations are available either in person in Santa Cruz or by phone or Skpye.

info at krbelldreamworker.com


Opening the Gift of Your Dreams: An Experiential Dreamworkshop

July 3, 7-9pm in Santa Cruz.  Click on the image below for more information:


Video and audio of Rev Deborah L. Johnson’s keynote at the Dream Caravan, Feb 5, 2017

From the roots of dreaming in ancient communities to recognizing the voice of God in our own lives, Rev Deb was a model of embodying the living dream.


Audio only:

On-going Dream Circle in Santa Cruz

Would you like to work your dreams in a safe, intimate and low cost group container?  I am hosting an on-going Dream Circle with a heartfelt approach to integrating your dream messages.  Please join us! We meet from 7-9pm on Seabright Ave in Santa Cruz second and fourth Tuesdays.  There is no fee for your first dream circle!  After that, cost is $20 per session or $60 for four sessions paid in advance.  Contact me to register.

I am looking to start up another Dream Circle in the Boulder Creek area probably after the first of the year; contact me if you are interested!